10 Best Stunts To Do On A Leather Recliner

Are you getting tired of just sitting on your recliner and taking it easy? You’re in luck because this article is for bored recliner addicts. Find out how you can put some life, adventure, and fun into your reclining hours.

1. Balance a pen on your tongue while sitting on the recliner.

This is not for obsessive-compulsive people. Put the chair in its full reclining position so that you’ll have more room to maneuver in. Then go ahead and do your balancing act. Get someone to time how long you can balance the pen. Keep a record and challenge your friends to a balancing match.

2. Pretend to be a member of the mafia.

If you’re living with someone, wait for them to come home. When they’re about 5 minutes away, put on a good suit and smoke a cigar while sitting on the recliner. Turn off the lights except the low lamp beside the chair. When the person comes in, lazily blow some smoke in the air and wait for them to break the silence.

3. Sit upside down.

Contemplate on the things of this world while sitting upside down on the recliner. Who knows, you may hit upon a brilliant idea while in that attitude.

4. Get up on the recliner and conduct an imaginary orchestra.

Put the recliner where you’re sure to have an audience. Make sure you put on a suit with coat tails. To really get in the mood, put on some orchestra music and wave and point your conductor’s stick every which way as you conduct your way to a scandalously brilliant finale.

5. Do a juggling act.

Recline on the chair and juggle water balloons. Or something that will be messy if you drop it. Maybe paint balloons to make it more colorful. You’ll be pressured to do your best not to drop anything or you’ll have to clean it up.

6. Watch the world go by.

This is for those who have swivel recliners. Ask someone to spin the recliner while you’re reclining on it. Give instructions to keep on spinning till you raise the white flag or you throw up. Ten points if you throw up on the person spinning the recliner.

7. Get your picture taken posing as an explorer while standing on the recliner.

Don your adventurer outfit. If you have a parka and the whole nine yards of cold weather outfit, even better. Stand on the seat of your recliner with one foot on top of the recliner arm. Put one hand on your waist and hold a pole with the flag waving with an imaginary breeze with the other. Smile your best smile.

8. Do a handstand.

To make it more interesting, do a handstand with just the one hand on the seat of the recliner. If you can’t get someone to take a picture of you so you can boast about it to your friends, put your camera on a 10-second timer.

9. Do a split.

Your legs should be on the arms of the recliner. While doing the split, put your hands together, palms facing each other, and do your best to look mystical. Then ponder on life and its realities.

10. Stand en pointe.

Be sure to wear the pointed shoes and put on a tutu if you feel like it. It may look easy to stand en pointe or to stand on the tips of your toes like a ballerina, but it’d take special skill to do it on a recliner. You can pirouette if space allows it.