Buying Quality Leather

Frame initially

The frame of a piece of furnishings is like the structure of a home. Buying leather furnishings that has a good frame will offer you a furniture piece that will last you for years. Having excellent leather on a sofa that has a broken arm would be rather disappointing to say the least. Solid hardwood or metal will give you a piece that will stand the test of time. Typically you can inform an excellent piece by the weight. Ask your sales person or get literature. As a last resort attempt lifting the piece, if it feels to light for its size it probably has plywood or pine frame.
Make sure it is ALL REAL leather

We inform them we just repair leather and they say “isn’t naugahyde leather?”. See out for descriptions that use words like faux, simulated or leather like, they indicate not the genuine thing.

Next make sure that the whole piece is upholstered in leather. Vinyl and simulated leather do not have the durability of genuine leather. The vinyl will split and tear long before the leather even begins to reveal indications of wear.

Be careful of Bi-cast leather. It is reasonably new on the market and is a really poor quality leather. We have actually had calls from consumers that have actually had bi-cast less than a month old and it is splitting. We have seen bi-cast leather furniture in a few of on the big discount chains. So be careful.
High cost does not mean high toughness

When purchasing leather furnishings, if you want it to look excellent and feel good for a long time, purchase top-grain ended up leather. Tags will usually state top grain if it is. Leading grain is the very external layer of the skin and all the strength of the leather is in the top gain. Finished leather is leather that has a protective color coat that includes increased protection to the leather. It permit spills that wipe up and great wear and tear. The general rule of thumb is if you can mark the leather with your finger nail the leather is too delicate for everyday use. The luxury leather is typically very delicate. Buy delicate we mean it will stain, mark and fade extremely very easily. Not a great option if you would like your leather to look good after a year of use.